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XPR Roster

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XPR Roster

Post by XPR Cap10Morgan on Mon Feb 23, 2015 1:00 pm

XPR Team Members:

XPR Roadrunner (Stephen, aka Steubs) - President and CEO

XPR Soundwave (Rob) - Co-Leader, out on duty in US Military

XPR Moontower (Steve) - Co-Leader

AR Projekt (Matt)

Gen3ral Ts0 (Travis)

JVanEssen (John)

OneBigKicker (Chris)

XPR Cap10Morgan (Jeff)

XPR Chicain (Cain)

XPR Clutch (Cody)

XPR Falcon (Chris B)

XPR Forbidden (Josh)

XPR Rooster (Rui)

XPR Rotec (Jeffrey)

XPR Small Block (Joe)
XPR Cap10Morgan

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